Mongolian National Judo Team Practice Photos

Mongolian National Judo Team

Back Row (Standing): From Left to Right

B.Sugarjargal (+100 kg), N.Tuvshinbayar (-100 kg), E.Enkhbat (90 kg), D.Nyamkhuu (81 kg), S.Nyamochir (73 kg), Kh.Tsagaanbaatar (66 kg), D.Tomorkhuleg (60 kg), B.Bat-Erdene (48 kg), M.Bundmaa (52 kg), Ts.Monkhzaya (63 kg), P.Lkhamdegd (-78 kg), D.Tserenkhand (+78 kg)

Front Row (Sitting): From Left to Right

B.Temuulen (-100 kg), B.Ariun-Erdene (90 kg), D.Uuganbaatar (81 kg), G.Purevdorj (73 kg), S.Myaragchaa (66 kg), D.Amartuvshin (60 kg), M.Urantsetseg (48 kg), T.Battogs (57 kg), S.Enkhzaya (? kg), Ts.Naranjargal (70 kg)

Not Pictured: A.Davaanyam (+100 kg): He’s the guy stuck in guard in the 7th row, middle picture below.

The Mongolian National Judo Team picture appeared on the front page of TAVAN TSAGARIG (5 Rings), Mongolia’s largest daily sports newspaper, on Sunday, September 5, 2010, and in UB Post, Mongolia’s largest English newspaper, on Wednesday, September 8, 2010. The training pictures were taken over two days, Thursday, September 2nd and 3rd, before the team left for the 2010 World Judo Championships in Tokyo, Japan, which took place from September 9th-13th. The Mongolian team took home two bronze medals: Kh.Tsagaanbaatar (66 kg) for the men, and M.Bundmaa (52 kg) for the women. Awesome, for a country of 2 million!

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7 Responses to Mongolian National Judo Team Practice Photos

  1. Ricardo says:


    Did you spar with any of the folks?:) They look kind and fierce at the same time. Would want to get on their bad side.

  2. Thantcyn says:

    No I didn’t spar with them. They were very nice, but they were all business too prepping for the Judo Worlds. Didn’t want to be the guy that makes them lose focus…AND I like my limbs connected to my torso. I briefly thought about giving them a few guard passing pointers, as their ground skills were pretty bad, but decided against it. I mean they have an Olympic gold medalist in their midst, so they know how to win in judo.

  3. dp says:

    Thantcyn, this must be your favourite country. Wrestling, Judo, whatelse?

  4. Ricardo says:

    wow, can’t believe their ground skills are not up to par. bet they’re good at what they do, nonetheless. perhaps one day you’ll give a workshop on ground skills:) About my travels to China, well, I still have not confirmed a departure date. I’ve got some business stuff to take care of before I can confirm my travel plans, but things still look good for traveling abroad in coming weeks. Will keep you guys posted:)

  5. Thantcyn says:

    Well, they are big into combat sports here, because of their warlike heritage. Of course other places we’ve been to offer more in terms of awesome sightseeing attractions, but we really love the people here. We guess we can say this about every country and its people…we get attached to the locals we meet along the way…it’s hard for us to leave a place…

  6. Thantcyn says:

    Ricardo…I’m out of practice, and beyond the basics, can’t offer too much to world class athletes for ground skills. Someone like Bruce would do wonders here. He could work on his judo with guys bigger than him, and REALLY amp up their ground game!

    We miss you very much and look forward to meeting you in China. We are going to be in Beijing probably at the beginning of Oct. but will go directly into Burma.

  7. FCJudo says:

    Is there any open Judo club in Mongolia? I’d like to continue practicing judo here in Mongolia but I am not successful finding a club. I wish I could make it to the National team, so at least I can practice.

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