One Night In Bangkok…Suvamabhumi Airport!

Traveling on a shoestring budget means getting the most bang for your buck, so when we zombied into Bangkok at midnight, the logical thing for us was to spend the rest of the night at the airport, until we could check into our hotel later that day! Because we ARE a traveling circus, we seldom plan past tomorrow, so we like to get our bearings upon arrival at airports. We approached fellow travelers, arriving and departing, and got the lowdown on their planning and experiences, respectively. Airports are also a great place to pick up important words and phrases in the local language, because there is a high probability that attendants at ticket counters, or information booths are also fluent in English. We stocked up on free city maps, cash from the ATM, and a SIM card for our phone. We also grilled the info booth for SkyTrain routes, popular attractions, embassy information, and even local hangouts. After about an hour of purposeful meandering, we split some scrambled eggs and two steaming mounds of rice at a posh little restaurant, then pushed our luggage around the four levels of the cavernous Suvamabhumi to snap fellow frugal vagabonds stretching out on stainless steel metal benches, sans armrests (a welcome bonus for airport sleeping comfort)! We met a sweet couple, who were on our plane from Beijing, and found out they were on their honeymoon; congrats to Ryan and Zhan! We kept Rohan, from Mumbai, company while he waited for his mates to stagger back from their night of partying, before jetting back to India. He gave us the ins-and-outs of his vacation in Thailand, and even caught us up on the India- Pakistan conflict. It was a bit too cold for our liking, but we took turns and managed some short snores in between roaming, chatting, and shooting pictures. All in all it was a long but a fruitful first night in Bangkok!

So after reading this we bet you can’t wait to spend a night at the airport. Check out The Guide to Sleeping In Airports. Sweet dreams!

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3 Responses to One Night In Bangkok…Suvamabhumi Airport!

  1. Priscilla says:

    Yay! You made it! But what happened to China? I thought you were staying there for a month first…or did I get it reversed? I can’t wait to follow your adventures!

  2. Thantcyn says:

    Priscilla, we tried to get our Burmese visas in Beijing, but we hit the Chinese National Holiday, so the embassies were closed. To be honest we had enough of Beijing after three days, because of their Great Wall of Fire and Smog! Will rant on it later, but eventually we’ll go through Beijing again maybe on our way back to UB! So Bangkok was a breath of fresh air, although we spent the morning at the Burmese embassy here, where all the asshats of Burma seemed to be employed. Hopefully we’ll end up with an overpriced entry visa Monday…we’ll keep our toes crossed. We miss all the Ulaanbaatans…

  3. Ryan says:

    Sorry I am late to reply. We had a great travel in Thailand, and it is an amazing start to meet you guys in the airport :) Talking with you made the sleepless night easier !! :D
    you can add my msn, and I have upload some pictures in Thailand to my msn space~

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