Burma Adopts A New Flag Today!

We were on our way to Shwedagon Pagoda today, when our taxi driver casually informed us that Burma adopted a new flag this morning! He pointed to a bright multi-colored flag flying from one of the government buildings, as we zoomed by. We asked around, and most people on the streets, and in our hotels had no idea this happened. There was supposedly something on the local news, but as most working people here have no access to television during the day, the change went unnoticed by the masses. However, I later discovered that Wikipedia has already updated their Flag of Burma page with the following: ‘The new flag has 3 horizontal bands of color, light green, dark green, and red from top to bottom. A large white star is situated in the middle of the flag. There has been no official explanation as to what these aspects symbolize.’ Hopefully, the new brighter flag will be a cheery harbinger of good things to come for this country!

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2 Responses to Burma Adopts A New Flag Today!

  1. Louis says:

    Hey guys, remember me?! Hah, anyway, I was just reading your last couple posts and wondering how it went in Burma? I saw on CS that you’re back in Bangkok, so I guess you didn’t get thrown in prison, and I see on picasa that you got some good photos.

    How was it, being there for the elections? I know they didn’t go the way you had hoped, though sadly the way most expected…

    Hope all is well and your trip has given you more than you hoped for!


  2. Thantcyn says:

    Hey Louis! No, we didn’t get thrown in prison. On the contrary the junta were amazingly polite to tourists in a creepy way! I guess they didn’t want bad press while they try to push their mock democracy movement through. The elections were a non event. Nov. 7 was the quietest day in Burma, while we were there. I don’t imagine many people voted, at least we didn’t see more than a couple of people in the voting stations while we ‘happened’ to be passing by. We talked to many locals in our age group leading up to elections, non of them were excited about it. They feel they are just going through the motions, and the outcome is already decided. We will write more detailed entries on the elections and Aung San Suu Kyi’s release ASAP. We are taking a detour to the States for a while because my aunt’s sick. Where are you at? Will leave you a feedback on CS for that full day we had ASAP too. How did the situation with the sick girl turn out? Thanks for keeping up with us, and hope to see you somewhere in the future… tilL then take good care of yourself! :)

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